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If ever there was an industry with a low-tech image, Trucking is it: But many trucking companies are being driven to more and more computerization because of competitive pressures.

What is new is applying computers to the operations of a trucking company. With computers, dispatchers can determine the best routes for their trucks, dockworkers can figure out the most efficient way to unload a truck and drivers can stay in closer contact with the home office.

Computers to constantly track shipments and gives customers access to the company's computer system so that they can track their own shipments instead of asking.
Computers can be used at all levels of a trucking company's operations, and consultants are springing up to show companies how to do it.
IT Less Trucking Services can help.

Even the best Trucking software can be useless by something as simple as a poorly configured network or an improperly managed server. Regardless of how much time and money you may have spent on finding the right Trucking software for your business, a dysfunctional IT foundation can render it all useless.

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