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Antivirus Solution

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If you want to learn more about ITLess, and how we can help maximize your technology. We'd love to talk to you about your situation.

Having difficulty keeping virus definitions up-to-date on multiple desktops? Worried that emails are not scanned for viruses at the server level?

IT Less approach to our client's computer network systems is straight-forward: focus on technologies that are needed and protect those technologies from vulnerabilities. IT Less's focus on protection and vulnerability management yields three major areas of concern: backup solutions, virus protection and firewall/security. Our approach in other words is: purchase and use only what you need and protect the investment. A proven backup solution, solid virus protection and a firewall is the bare minimum of needs to ensure protection from disaster, hacking and virus threats.

Adequate anti-virus protection includes filtering of web content, incoming mail scanning, desktop virus protection and server virus protection. Prudent solutions include protection of all susceptible devices, computers and servers.

Most viruses are spread through email attachments, it is imperative that all email be scanned before reaching an end-user's mailbox. Businesses that rely simply on desktop protection of viruses have a serious vulnerability that must be addressed.

Our focus is on a particular sized customers allow IT Less to concentrate on proven virus protection solutions and products that are cost effective, easy to manage and provide a great deal of anti-virus protection.

The majority of our staff experience and certifications are centered on Symantec ® and Sybari ® software products. Our experience with Microsoft Exchange Server ® allows IT Less to provide full solutions at an affordable price.
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